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Winn Publications provides comprehensive self-help book publishing services, including editing, design, and distribution. Let us help you share your message with the world.

How We Can Help

Ready to see your book in print? Let us help. We will work with you to develop a tailored publishing plan that brings your vision to life and enables you to reach your readers.” 

Our core principle of publishing in the way you desire means that we offer self-publishing, hybrid-publishing, and traditional publishing options. 

Notice: We hold writing contests for authors interested in a traditional publishing opportunity. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified. 

Self-Publishing Or Hybrid-Publishing?



  • Complete control over the book and the publishing process, including creative control, marketing, and pricing
  • Faster time-to-market, with the ability to publish and distribute a book within a matter of weeks
  • Higher royalty rates, with the ability to earn up to 70% of the book’s sales price
  • No need to go through a traditional publisher or agent, making it easier for first-time authors to get published


  • No support or guidance from a traditional publisher, meaning the author is responsible for all aspects of the publishing process
  • Higher upfront costs for services like editing, cover design, and distribution
  • Limited access to traditional distribution channels like bookstores and libraries, which can limit the book’s reach and sales potential
  • Stigma associated with self-publishing, which can make it harder to gain recognition and respect in the publishing industry


  • Offers a mix of traditional and self-publishing models, providing authors with more control over the publishing process while also providing some support and guidance from a traditional publisher
  • Access to traditional distribution channels, including bookstores and libraries, which can increase the book’s visibility and sales potential
  • Ability to choose from a variety of publishing packages, with different levels of support and services to meet the author’s needs and budget
  • Higher royalty rates than traditional publishing, with the ability to earn up to 60% of the book’s sales price


  • Higher upfront costs than self-publishing
  • Collaborative creative control, while it’s important that we honor your vision, we reserve the right to make editorial and design decisions and will inform you about why a such decision is made

Overall, self-publishing offers complete control and higher royalties but requires more work and investment from the author. Hybrid-publishing offers a middle ground between traditional and self-publishing, with access to traditional distribution channels and support from a publisher, but at a higher cost and shared creative control. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the author’s goals, budget, and willingness to take on the responsibilities of self-publishing versus the support and guidance offered by hybrid publishing.

Our Publishing Process

Send your query letter, manuscript, proposal, outline, or any other assets related to your project. If we are interested in moving forward we will reach out to you.Most authors hear back from us in 3-5 business days. 

Winn Publications now works with various editing agencies and freelancers to provide editing services for our authors. From copyediting, proofreading, and developmental editing, we want to make sure that the work we put out is top notch. If your book has not been reviewed by an editor,let us know during the submissions process. It will NOT hurt your chances as long as your book has a compelling story and has at least be polished by yourself or a trusted friend/family member. 

Cover design, and interior typesetting can make or break a book. Let us handle it to ensure that we have a great story that looks just as amazing. 

We publish your book for paperback and ebook. You may also publish your book as an audiobook or hardcover book for an additional fee.

We offer online global distribution for print-on-demand, housing of a small number of offset prints (for an additional fee), and retail fulfillment of orders. 

We market your book in ways that bring more awareness to it and your brand. 

What makes Winn Publications different from other publishing companies is that we offer free resources to our published authors. We want to make sure that you know what we know about the book publishing industry. We believe that when you win, we win as well. Therefore we provide you the tools to make that happen!

What's Included

  • A high-end custom cover design that captures the essence of your religious message and appeals to your target audience
  • Custom interior design for up to 100,000 words, so your content is presented in a professional and reader-friendly format
  • E-book file conversion and upload to e-retailers, including popular platforms like Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo, ensuring your message reaches a wider audience
  • Global distribution, so your book can be considered for bookstores, libraries, and other trade outlets
  • Proofreading your final manuscript, ensuring your message is communicated with clarity and accuracy
  • Copyright filing and obtaining your Library of Congress control number, protecting your content, and giving you legal ownership
  • Print-on-demand and/or housing of short-run printed books, so you can stock up on copies for events and giveaways
  • Fulfillment of all orders, making it easy for your readers to purchase your  book
  • Support and management of title metadata, so your book appears in relevant search results and gets noticed by potential readers
  • Ongoing project management of your title for the lifespan of your book, providing support and guidance as you continue to spread your message
  • High-level support for getting your books into religious bookstores, libraries, and other outlets, helping you reach your target audience

Pricing Information

One Time Payment

$ 2880 One Time
  • or two payments of $1400
Save Big!

4 Installments- Payment Due Every Two Weeks

$ 900 Monthly
  • or $450 every two weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ideal writer checks the following boxes: 1. Big vision for their author journey and needs help to achieve it 2. Knows that growing takes time and effort 3. Is looking to create long term, healthy publishing relationship 4. Has multiple books to publish 5. Believes in themselves and their vision 6. Has written a compelling story that hooks readers

No, we work directly with book writers. 

Yes, however in order for a book to be republished by Winn Publications we ask that the book writer would update at least 15% of the initial copy so that we might call it the 2nd edition. 

No it isn’t a scam and we aren’t a vanity press. We’ve created a growth culture among our writers. No matter where they are starting along their author journey, they invest in their growth process. 

Authors pay Winn Publications to publish and receive higher royalities than they would if they were to go the traditional publishing route. Not everyone who applies to pay for a hybrid-publishing deal is accepted. Book publishing can be a lengthy process. We have ZERO desire to publish everything that comes our way. 

Check your spam folder or reach out again. As of February 2023 we have responded in no later than 72 hours after receiving the initial contact.