Self-Publish An Ebook

Self-publishing an eBook can be a daunting task.

As a self-published author myself, I know that it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Whether you have a desire to sell or you just want to build your brand, publishing your own eBooks may be one of the best options to go. You can reach a mass audience effectively.

  1. Start with your passion, an idea, specific expertise, daily observation or just something that you want to share.
  2. If you are trying to make money from your ebook, do market research before you write.
  3. Brainstorm. Open your Word document, write all of your ideas down and then go back and create an outline. Right now isn’t the time to worry about if your ideas are good or bad, just get them out of your head.
  4. Write your first draft. (No editing while writing)
  5. Edit. Meaning to have a bigger picture of your content. Identify any part of the book that is weakly supported, catch any gaps in the content that will affect the message that you want to deliver. Ask yourself if you’ve included all the content and materials that you want to write about? Is it in the right order? Has any content been repeated twice or more?
  6. Edit it again. Add an introduction and conclusion. Add a table of contents, website links, and any last pages.
  7. Edit it again. Check for flow, order, and length of chapters.
  8. Edit it again. Edit for style, structure, tone, and voice. Ask yourself if the voice of the verbs throughout the book are consistent. Is there any good reason that you make a shift?
  9. Edit it again. Add some relevant images, chapters, copyright information, “About the Author” section and your other last couple of pages that fall at the end of the book.
  10. Edit it one more time. Edit the lines and words. Check for the usage of punctuation, space, vocabulary, and passive voice.
  11. Now take a break. Let it sit for some time. During this break would be a great time to start marketing your book if you haven’t started already.
  12. Proofread and review your book with a fresh and critical eye. Look for any punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors, check links etc.
  13. Give your book to your writer friends, beta reader, relatives or your writing support group. Ask for feedback and make any changes accordingly.
  14. Create an attractive cover.
  15. Choose your publishing platforms. Different platforms require different types of ebook format.
  16. After you have figured out where you want to sell your ebook, convert your ebook to the required format.
  17. Start uploading your files to the platform you selected.
  18. Once your book is live you can up your marketing, or start if you haven’t.

The Power of Outsourcing

If you’re having trouble and need some help, you can always outsource. Depending on your budget you can hire someone else to do it for you. That includes, edit, proofreading, cover design to marketing.

Especially if you’re a newbie and low in budget, reach out to Winn Publications. Check out the services and let’s get your ebook published.

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