Self Publishing A Book

If you are publishing a book by yourself and without a large publishing company it can be difficult. There is so much advice and different tips and tricks and tools that you can feel overwhelmed and stuck. That’s ok, there’s a way to get out of that. All you need is the bigger picture and to fill in the details later. 

Here’s the bigger picture:

How to self-publish a book in 5 easy steps

  1. Write the book.
  2. Promote the book. 
  3. Have the book edited. 
  4. Publish the book. 
  5. Enjoy the rewards of your hard work. 

I mean that’s it in a nutshell. It seems pretty straightforward right? I think we like to complicate things more than necessary. Anytime you find yourself stuck in the process, ask yourself where are you and what are you trying to do. Are you trying to write a book? Well, write it. Just start writing. Do edit before you finish writing. That’s the biggest mistake that you can make as a self-publisher, and that’s to get too ahead of yourself. When you do things decent and in order, you are successful. You just have to make a commitment to order and to get rid of the chaos. Become more intentional about your thoughts and your actions. You owe that much to yourself and your self-publishing journey. 

What may also seem strange is what’s listed after you write your first draft, promote. Yes!! After you write your book, or even while you’re writing your book, promote it! Start creating a following. Submerg yourself in the industry and starting joining popular writing groups online or in your community. Learn everything you can about how to self-publish successfully. Then take that wisdom and apply it. 

It’s also important to hire another pair of eyes to edit your book. You do the best that you can with editing it yourself then give it to an editor to review your 3rd draft. Not any sooner. I can tell you, as an editor, we want to charge you as little money as possible. Meaning we don’t want to have to go crazy with a red pen as we dread reading your story. I mean it does you better to let the first draft tell you the story, the second draft to be a more polished story and the 3rd draft to be an improvement and the 4th draft to be damn near close to the final. The final draft should, in my opinion, also be the formatted draft. It’s surprising how many errors you find after the copy is formatted for either print or ebook. 

Then the BIG DAY awaits! After all of your hard work upload your book and publish it! THEN if you’ve been actively promoting your book for months and months, you will reap a harvest! 

Hey friend, 

Comment your answers to the following questions below:

What did you think about those 5 easy steps and the light details that followed? Have you followed those step? If so how did it turn out for you? 

I must admit I am on step # 1, later I will come back here and tell you how it turns out for me. 

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