Self-Publishing on Amazon

Self-publishing on Amazon is what the majority of Indie-Authors do when they first get started. There is nothing wrong with that at all, however, is it really profitable? In my post  Royalties as a Self-Publisher, I answer that question. To save you some time, the answer is yes. It can be profitable if you promote, promote and promote like CRAZY! But… if you’re like me, you want to work smart, not hard. That means you want to do it right the first time.

Here are 6 tips to Self-Publishing on Amazon that will help you make a profit. 

  1. Purchase an ISBN

An investment in an ISBN will give you the ability to do more with your book. Some self-publishers think that they are saving themselves money by going with the free options on Create Space. When in reality, you are doing yourself a really big disservice. Think about it, how many books do you have in your home that say,” Published by Create Space” on the inside of it. Probably not that many, and if you do, they’re probably not that great. Sadly that the connotation that goes with utilizing the free the ISBN that’s offered to you on Print-On-Demand sites like Create Space.

To purchase an ISBN it will cost you $150 and it’s worth it. You get to put that the book was published by yourself, even though Create Space actually published it. It looks so much better and it makes you look more professional. Think about it. How many books do you have that aren’t from professionals?

2. Purchase a Barcode

If you are looking to get your book into a retail store, you will need to have a barcode. This is obviously a game changer. Instead of just putting a link in your Instagram bio, you can send your followers to an actual location to pick up your book. That’s huge! That scream PROFESSIONAL on a whole nother level. That’s the level that you want to be on. Not only that, but the chances of your book getting picked up is a lot higher if it’s in a Bookstore than if it’s solely online.

3. Utilize Adobe Indesign

When you are formatting the inside of your book, consider using Adobe Indesign. I love this program because it gives me more flexibility than Microsoft Word. It also gives more a wider range of fonts to use as well. These two functions combined allows for a more professional interior design.

4. Canva + Photoshop

If your just not willing to purchase a $200 book cover from Winn Publications, no worries. Utilize Canva and Photoshop to create a book cover that you can be proud of creating. However, keep in mind that your cover needs to look good to your READERS and not just to you.

5. Build an Author Website

An Author Website works like a home base. It is where you send all of your readers to so that they can find more out about you. It’s where you showcase your writing. It’s where you share your journey and what’s to come next. It’s where you allow your fans a chance to get to know you better. Think about it, have you ever gave someone that you didn’t know $15 for a book. Probably not. People are more likely to purchase from who they know.

6. Be active on Social Media

With over a billion people on Facebook and Instagram combined, this one is a no-brainer. You need to be where the masses are located.


Friend, if any of this seems difficult for you, please let me know. I offer services to self-publishers to make your lives much easier. Not only that, I want you to win and make money from your talent. Reach out to me today and let’s see what we can do together to increase your revenue.

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