From Start to Publish

Publishing your book can be a difficult process if done alone. That's why Winn Publications is available to work with you from the beginning to the end and anywhere in between.

Manuscript Editing

Editing is really time-consuming and depending on how thorough of an edit you’d like it can take months.

No worries! Publishing a book is a marathon, not a sprint. However, I am willing to work at a set pace that we both agree that we can work on.

Book Cover

Most Readers do judge books by their cover. Here at Winn Publications we will make sure that the outside of your book accurately reflects the inside of your book. We want to also make sure that it fits your needs and your vision. 

This is offered as a standalone service for $200 for print and $100 for ebook covers.

Both include your book cover, any images purchased for the cover design, and revisions. 

Book Layout

The way that the inside of your book looks is just as important as the way the outside of your book looks. I will design the inside of your book to meet the publishing standards as well as to bring your vision to life. 

Author Website

Hosting, creating and designing your author website to be both sleek and professional is my goal. By having such a high caliber website for a low price will help launch you in the direction that you want to go – up. 

My most recent author website!



Yes, distributing your book on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles is fine and dandy, however have you thought about getting your book into retail?  For authors who work with Winn Publications, Start to Publish, we will help you get your books in local bookstores near you. 



Creating promotional images, a brochure, and so much more to kickstart you in the right direction to promote your new book and make money. 


Working with the first 10

I am only looking to work with 10 different independent authors. Once I am at capacity I will stop taking submissions. Secure your spot and contact me today .  Whether you just need one service or if you’re needing the complete package, contact me now. 

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