How can I Help You?

I believe that there are two ways to go about accomplishing a goal. 1. You hire someone like Arilia Winn or 2. You learn from someone like Arilia Winn. 

Hosting, domain name, website design, website management, and free courses on how to maintain your website.

If you are looking to give your business a huge boost, you need a sleek and professional website, like the one you’re on now.

$50 a month, month to month basis, 30-day notice of cancelation , WordPress and Wix websites, SEO, MailChimp management, update software, and post updates as needed. 

As a micro-publisher we assist authors with their self-publishing journey by providing almost all of the things that a self-publisher would need. 

The inside of your book is just as important as the outside. Let me help you make sure they both look professional.

If you are simply looking for ebook services, I’ve got you covered. Formatting your book for Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, creating a .pdf file, and publishing your ebook on a wide range of platforms are apart of the things that you need to succeed. 

I don’t mind sharing what I know and showing and telling you how to do what I do. 

Do you mean “you’re” and you keep typing “your”? Do you keep using the same words over and over again? I’ll point those things out and help you find a solution.

It’s incredibly important that your book cover is both sleek and professionally designed. This is critical especially if you’d like to get your book into retail bookstores. 

Hosting, creating and designing your author website to be both sleek and professional is my goal. By having such a high caliber website for a low price will help launch you in the direction that you want to go – up. 

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