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Start a Book Club

Welcome to Winn Publications’ “Start a Book Club” initiative! We invite you to launch a book club and champion diverse voices by selecting one of our captivating books as your club’s next read. At Winn Publications, we are committed to empowering authors from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and thrive in the publishing world. By hosting a book club with one of our books, you not only engage in meaningful literary discussions but also support our mission of fostering inclusivity and amplifying diverse voices in literature. Whether you’re a seasoned book club host or looking to start your first club, we provide the resources and support you need to create a vibrant and inclusive reading community. Join us in celebrating the power of storytelling and building connections through literature with Winn Publications!

Benefits of becoming a book club host

Access to Diverse and Engaging Books

Starting a book club with Winn Publications provides access to a wide range of diverse and engaging books that reflect a variety of voices, perspectives, and genres. From thought-provoking fiction to insightful memoirs, our collection offers something for every reader to explore and discuss.

Discounts for Group Members

As a book club host with Winn Publications, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on book purchases for your group. With discounts available for groups over 5 members, starting a book club becomes more affordable and accessible for participants, encouraging greater participation and engagement.

Author Engagement Opportunities

In addition to discounted books, hosting a book club with Winn Publications opens the door to unique author engagement opportunities. Upon request and author agreement, we can arrange for the author of the selected book to speak with your group, providing valuable insights, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and interactive discussions about the book and its themes. This personalized interaction enhances the reading experience and fosters a deeper connection between readers and authors.

Community Building and Connection

Starting a book club with Winn Publications isn’t just about reading books—it’s about building a community of readers who share a passion for literature and storytelling. Through lively discussions, shared experiences, and meaningful interactions, book club members forge connections, broaden their perspectives, and cultivate friendships that extend beyond the pages of the books they read.

Supporting Diverse Voices in Literature

By choosing Winn Publications books for your book club, you support our mission of championing diverse voices in literature. Your book club becomes a platform for promoting inclusivity, celebrating underrepresented authors, and amplifying their stories to a wider audience. Together, we contribute to a more diverse, vibrant, and inclusive literary landscape.

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Your support fuels our mission to nurture creativity and empower diverse authors, shaping the future of literature with Winn Publications.

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