The Author’s Spotlight | Angelina Klein

Angelina Klein was one of the authors on Season Two of The Author’s Spotlight Podcast.

From the author: Highly functioning sociopath here- my name is Angelina Klein- author of Fire and Silk- and I dedicate the majority of my time to writing, it’s my passion! Most days you’ll find me either in front of the laptop writing or drawing my characters. The genre I write is tragedy (so please don’t be surprised if my stories have a sad ending.) I’m happy to do read for reads, just PM me and we’ll sort something out, I do love stretching my horizons to read other books. Any advice you may like from me just be sure to PM me.

And why do I write? Well for one I find it thoroughly entertaining, you know being able to create action-packed stories people love, being able to show other people my flicker of creativity from my crazy mind (let’s admit, all us authors are crazy, but that isn’t such a bad thing, like Lewis Carroll said, “all the best people are crazy.”) I would be delighted if you checked out my book, I do invest a lot of time in perfecting it for you all 🙂

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