Our Process

Winn Publications LLC is different in the industry of publishing. We amplify our author’s voices, improve their skills, publish their works, sell their books and get them in front of their readers. Even though our authors get to chose their own paths, our process remains the same. Whether you are looking to work with us for self-publishing help, or on a more hybrid or traditional structure, we hope to publish in the way that you desire. 

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Once you’ve learned how we work and have reviewed what we look for in a submission, submit your inquiries for review. We only accept submissions of original work that has not been previously published. All manuscripts are run through an advanced plagiarism checking software to certify originality. 

2. Offer and Contract

After we have reviewed your manuscript, in up to 4 weeks you will be contacted with either an offer or feedback on how to improve your manuscript, a recommendation to one of our other imprints, or a notice of our roster being full with hopes you’ll resubmit at another time. After you accept our offer we will draft up a contract and proceed after your signature is recieved. 

3. Training

What makes us different from most small hybrid publishing companies? We train our all of our authors to be winners. Winners understand that while they may have a grasp on a few things, there is always room to learn and improve. We do the research. All our authors do is listen, learn, apply, and win! We share our list of training materials as soon as you sign your contact so that we can catch you up to speed while your book is in production. Not ready to submit your manuscript but you want to start training? Click here.

4. Production

Cover. Depending on the path you’re on will determine whether or not your book will need a cover designed. Many of the authors who we help self-publish already have a cover design in mind. There is nothing more important when it comes to selling a book than your cover. That’s why we step up the intensity when it comes to cover design to make sure that your books are competing with other authors in your genre at the traditional houses.


Layout & Design. Your manuscript will be laid out into a beautiful custom design by one of our interior designers once you’ve approved your final cover design and accepted the changes the proofreader has made to your manuscript. You will have a chance to review the manuscript and correct any formatting mistakes and other small errors that become visible once a book is designed and actually looks like a book. A given manuscript typically goes through two to three rounds of changes after it’s laid out. 

5. Promotion

Typically as soon as we have a cover design we begin to promote your book and get your readers excited about it! We use a combination of digital marketing and advertising offline. Amplifying your voice not only in your community but nationwide and in some cases internationally!  No matter what path you take, we promote all of our authors.

6. Proofreading

All authors publishing with Winn Publications will have their final manuscript proofread before going to publish. This is to catch stylistic errors, typos and grammatical errors. Our ultimate goal is that every WP book is professionally designed, therefore we strive to publish error-free books. We go through this process with our authors. Requesting every author’s approval before publishing provides high quality assurance of an error free book.

7. Publish

Your new book is available in print and ebook and distributed via Ingram Sparks to popular platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We also encourage you to consider publishing your book as an ebook and a hardcover to reach more readers and to amplify your voice and your message. 

8. Sell

Not only does Winn Publications publish amazing books, but we publish books that sell and do well in their respective markets. Providing our authors with a full spectrum of services, Winn Publications’ authors have their books sold in our online bookstore, W.E. Bookstore Online. Upon the signing of your contract you will receive more information about a sales strategy that works well for our authors. 


The Author who we work with are apart of their communities in one way or the other. This is important as we believe in making a positive impact on the communities that we live in. Our commitment in action looks like finding opportunities for our authors to speak to the press online and offline. We create press releases and press kits and distribute them with our authors. You can find out about some of our authors here on our Press page. 

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