Meet Our Staff

Arilia Winn

Founder & CEO

As the owner and publisher at Winn Publications LLC, Arilia does the majority of the leg work, editing, formatting, designing, publishing and marketing winning manuscripts. Keeping her schedule busy, Miss Winn owns Winn Publications LLC and our imprints

Arilia received her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies at Bethune-Cookman University with a focus in mass communication, specializing in journalism. However, Arilia spent 7 years in undergrad studying journalism, creative writing, fashion writing and pr, and audio engineering. Who said that you can’t learn it all?! Haha!

With a vision to become the leading independent publishing company in the nation, Arilia values family, friends, and the act of reaching back and paying it forward. She truly believes that when you win, she wins, and that we can win together. 

Kemi Adeleke

Public Relations

Email media inquiries

As a Public Relations specialist, Kemi Adeleke, provides solutions of marketing, build relationships with journalist, bloggers and other media outlets, create and develop media materials, manage and support media engagements and serve as the first point of contact for Winn Publications LLC and our imprints

Kemi received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University Dominguez Hills with a focus in public relations & advertising in Spring 2019. She admires the development of start-up businesses, where, she felt her skill set can best be beneficial to assist in growing a successful company.  

With a thought-provoking mind set, Kemi envisions the finish line in accomplishing numerous projects and tasks at hand. Some may feel Kemi isn’t competent to do such, but as she continues to break down the impossible she opens the roads who were once in her shoes as she lives by the quote, “she believed she could so she did.” 

Join The Team

We work remotely with freelancers and other small businesses! When you win, we win too! Let’s win together.  

Want to work with Winn Publications LLC ? Keep reading to learn more about our company and how you can apply.

Hi, my name is Arilia Winn and I am the owner of Winn Publications LLC. I started this company in 2018 with a vision of leading a team of winners to victory. Our belief here is that when you win, I win and we win together. I believe this wholeheartedly. I believe that when our authors publish their book and make a sale, we all win! 

As of Sept. 1, 2020, Winn Publications has expanded our horizons and now leads 8 creative independent publishers! This is huge but it is what was needed to serve our authors better. 

There is so much work that goes into making a book come to life and we cannot possibly do it alone. We need you! 

Available STAFF Positions

  • Marketing and Programming Director
  • Sales Director

Available Contract Positions

  • Public Relations Agency/ Freelancer
  • Literary Agent Agency/ Freelancer
  • Book Editors
  • Illustrators 
  • Proofreaders 
  • Book Designer (must use Adobe Indesign) 
  • Book Cover Designer 
  • Book reviewer
  • Audio editor ( Adobe Audition) 
  • Voice talent 

Commissions Only Position

Sales Associate (6) – Winn Publications is looking for 6 individuals to join our sales team.  With attainable goals and hands-on training we are confident that we will win together! Offering our sales teammates 40% commission on all sales bi-weekly. 

Work Remotely

Due to COVID-19 we are aware that many people are forced to work from home to either care for their children and family or just because they want to stay in and stay safe. However, we all know that it’s hard to stay home when there is no money coming in. That’s why all of our positions are done remotely and from the comfort of your home. While certain positions require that you have specific software and applications, we are confident that our Winning Team will get through this tough time together.

Here’s how to apply

Please send your resume, portfolio or demo wheel or media kit, and rate card to . 

What are you waiting for? Hurry and send us an email! We look forward to meeting you and more important working with you and WINNing together!

We’re also looking for interns who are interested in working remotely for college credit. Learn more here!

We're committed to our teammates

“We can. We will. We win together.” That is more than just our slogan, but it’s also our way of life.

We believe that if we can get a small team of  people together who believe in starting, working through the process, and growing together, that we could also win together.

Do you know a thing or two about writing a book, self-publishing, software and technology for authors? Do you keep up with the publishing industry and have an opinion about what’s going on? We would love to have you guest blog!

Meet Our Contributors

Abiegail Rose

Guest Blogger

Abiegail Rose is a writer, singer, and motivational speaker. When she isn’t enjoying the country life of Mississippi with her family, you can find her face first in her computer writing or podcasting about relationships, situationships, friendships, and kinships– “the ships that can sink you or take you where you need to be!” She loves filling in the black and white lines of life with dramatic colors, and she is always ready to interact with her readers and listeners.

Tyauna Bruce

Guest Blogger

Tyauna Bruce is an educator, writer, and entrepreneur who lives and works in Washington, D.C. She believes in the Oxford comma, active verbs, and powerful one-liners. Tyauna has been craving publication ever since she read If Beale Street Could Talk. Her dream is to make it to the same bookshelf as James Baldwin.
Tyauna holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Loyola University, Baltimore, MD and a Master of Arts in Humanities from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. 

Mindy Sanders

Guest Blogger

Mindy Christmas is a passionate writer who is making her way into the industry as a freelance writer specializing in blogging, content writing, and articles. Upon the recent effects of COVID-19, Mindy has endured the unfortunate reality of being furloughed from her job. While many would view this unforeseen circumstance as something daunting. Mindy has used this time to pursue her dreams and is now using her gifts and talents to her advantage by doing what fulfills her soul. Mindy has founded her own company Finally Write in March 2020 where she offers virtual services such as administrative tasks, social media management, and writing services to businesses and busy professionals.