Tiffany Kimbrough

Tiffany Kimbrough is “An author, a spiritual guru, and photosynthesis manager and a baddie. Black Women can truly do it all.” Overall she’s a single mother, a humble creative Californian who took the years of studies that filled journals of about 2,000 pages of her own journey to Self and put it into a book. 

Her Book

In The Community

Business owner of upcoming 717th Entrepreneurial Library LLC a live resource center/platform that helps Creative Entrepreneurs with connecting with other entrepreneurs and learning more about themselves and their selected business to create and maintain alignment of self that puts them in a higher position to their path to success.

Also through the social media platform Instagram, lets.learnyou I encourage creating Safe places for individuals to find their authentic selves and encourage the learning of self to accomplish anything and everything in life through alignment. I promote “the Meaning” a focused message which originated from the book “Meaningfull, When your Soul meets the Ground.” Which encourages individuals to start their Self-Journey with tools and practices that resonates and leads them to their purpose.