Website Design Cost

When considering to hire someone to design a website for you, there are some website design costs that you need to consider.

Website Design Cost to Consider

  1. It’s sort of standard to design websites that come with some sort of hosting and domain name offered in the package.
  2. After that will be the pages and the overall look.
  3. What colors do we need to use? Do you have a logo? Did you know that a lot of website designers allows design logos?
  4. Are they building your site from scratch or are they using a template design and customizing it?
  5. Can you provide the content or will they also have to create your content, because with a little help from you they can, maybe?
  6. What about an email list? Do you know what that is and are you interested in it?
  7. Majority of the things that you will have, you won’t have to ask for, for example, social media buttons. Of course, you can have your social media linked to your site. How do you want to do it?
  8. Also, how long is the wait? Will it take them 30 days or can it happen in a week?
  9. High quality and interactive or kind of all over the place and boring?
  10. Last questions, how much is all of that worth to you? How much can you afford?

Therefore the cost to design a website is really up to you. The saying you get what you pay for, may or may not still stand true. I don’t know if you’re willing to risk that. My mom used to say it’s cheaper to get it right the first time. Ask yourself what having a sleek and professional website means to you. Then when you’re ready with an answer, let’s talk.

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