Websites Fall Into Three Categories

Static Website

This is a site that rarely changes or is updated infrequently. It provides information about an individual or business, but it doesn’t include a blog.

It could be an e-commerce site where various products are sold (think Walmart or Lowes or, on a smaller scale, the average real estate site or a local plumber’s site). It could even be a writer’s website.

Product or service offerings may vary from day to day, and sales or specials may be announced, but a static website rarely updates the basic information.

I would suggest this option for our clients who own a small business.


Website With a Blog

This is a site that features a blog, on the other hand, provides information pages and changes its blog content regularly. The blog might be updated daily, weekly, or monthly, but it changes, and it’s a focal point. That’s what makes it different from a static website.

Christian Single Mama, an organization created for single mothers who love the Lord, has a great example of a website with a blog.

I would suggest this option for our clients who are writers that want to display their skills frequently. I would also suggest this option for speakers and coaches. Your blog creates the perfect platform for you to shine.



Stand-alone blogs exist with little information other than the blog posts and perhaps an “About Me” page. This is great if you just want to write and share your stories with the World.


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