What’s In My Google Toolbox

Are you aware of the plethora of information that is out there on the internet? It would do you some good to look through some of it. Especially when it comes to the “tools” that you use to help you create quality things. Earlier I shared what I had in my Web Design Toolbox if you’re interested in how I keep Winn Publications so puurrty, check it out here

What’s a Google Toolbox?

I’m glad you asked. Google has soooo much FREE information on how to use their services. Here are some of the tolls from Google that I use. 

Google Trend 

Want to get found on Google? Consider your keywords that you include in all of your text across the internet. Think about how popular the keyword is and compare it to another one. It’s so important to take time to do this because you’ll want to use these keywords as hashtags on Instagram. 

Google Doc.

I love Google Doc. It makes sharing documents so easy. It also has the chat function, which is perfect for editing together with an author. Speaking of editing, it also has the option for an editor to make suggestions on a document and allow the author to accept or decline the changes. As an editor myself, I have found that authors want to keep their style of writing. They want their voice to be heard, not yours, so giving them that power to say yes or no to a correction is crucial.

I should mention that I am not getting paid to share this with you. It’s just really good information and it’s an honor to be able to tell you about it. 

Google Drive 

When sharing big files, this is so helpful! It also keeps track of a lot of my files. Therefore allowing me to keep the space on my computer free. ALSO and almost most importantly, it allows me to open my files and do my work from any computer. 

Google Photos 

This one and the next one should be obvious, but it helps me keep my content organized. For every account that I own, each one has their own Google Photos. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s better to spend time on organization and let things sail smoothly, then to not be organized and to fly by the whim. Part of winning is having a winning act- ion plan.  

Google Email 

People say it’s unprofessional, but I disagree, Google Email has so many good functions, I’d be crazy not use it for my business. I can meet with clients face to face on Google Hangouts. I can record collaborations on Google Hangouts as well. I can share documents from my Google Doc. and soo so so much more. It just makes sense. 

Google AdSense 

If you’re ok with having other ads on your pages, this is the way to go. The way that I see it is that it’s just another stream of income. It wouldn’t hurt. 

Google Analytics 

Lastly but almost most importantly, Google Analytics has so many layers to it that I am an active student of the Google Academy and well, we’ll leave it at that. 😀 But what I do know is that knowing where your traffic is coming and how many people are your site and so on is important. If you’re online to make money you need to get people in your store and out with another bag in their hand. Google Analytics tells you how you’re doing at that. 

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