Why Are You Writing A Book?

One of the things that we will be talking about in the free intro to Winn Pub. Academy’s Self-Publishing 101 class on Oct. 30, is why you want to write a book.

Answering this question should be a part of your brainstorm process and it should come fairly easy. Most people don’t just write books for the hell of it.

Therefore, go through this brainstorming process and answer each question honestly as it will help you determine if you are really committed and ready to self-publish.

Are you an entrepreneur publishing a book to get ahead of your competition?

Do you want to boost your skills and knowledge as a paid speaker or life coach?

Are you looking for another stream of income and believe publishing a book can do that for you?

Is there some other reason?


Keep this answer somewhere where you can see it. This is your “why” and on nights where you don’t feel like writing, pull out your “why” get to work!

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