Winn Publications’ Ethical Approach to AI

Posted on April 18,2024

At Winn Publications, we harness the power of AI ethically and responsibly to enhance our services. We believe in utilizing AI alongside educated professionals with impeccable writing skills to complement and elevate our offerings.

Our founder, Miss Winn, values collaboration and cooperation with industry experts, including freelancers and agencies, to achieve success. AI aligns with our innovative approach, supporting our commitment to prioritizing people over profits.

We embrace AI in our processes while upholding transparency. We do not mandate disclosure of AI use by agencies or freelancers, except in book cover design, illustrations and book translations, where internal disclosure is necessary.

Regarding AI-written material, our stance is evolving as we gather more insights. While authors are not required to disclose AI use, our experienced team can identify its influence.

We are committed to updating our approach as AI technology evolves. Check back for updates as we continue to learn and adapt our practices in this dynamic field.