WRiting For fun-ds

As an entrepreneur and an author, I’ve been thinking about how I can use my gifts to fund my visions of 1. starting a non-profit for single mothers and 2. getting my community initiative off of the ground. After much prayer, the idea of writing for fun-ds came to mind. I already love to write, so why not write for fun, to fund my visions? Brilliant idea! Right? So over the next 6 months, it is my goal is to write and publish one book a month, won’t you support me? 

Winner's Circle

Winner’s Circle is a community initiative created by Winn Publications with a mission to help nonprofit organizations, students, schools, inmates and rehab/transitional living participants make their visions a reality. Offering publishing and website design mostly FREE, Winn Publications strives to give back in a big way!

Christian Single Mama

Christian Single Mama is on a mission to become a non-profit. However, we know that we can not do this without the help of our community both near and far. So here is our call for help! Below you will find key information about our campaign and what we hope to do with the money once secured. Here’s a hint: we hope to serve 100 single mother families in 1 year!

Get Involved

Here's How You Can Help

Purchase A Book

"God is Gracious: A Christian single mother’s thoughts, prayers, and poems for her daughter." will be released on June 28. Half of the royalties will go towards funding my vision. Come back every month to see what new title is out next!

Sow a Seed

I get it, maybe you're not into memoirs, poetry, Christian devotionals, or love stories, that's okay! You can still be a help by donating. All donations will go towards funding my vision.