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Writing Workshops

Join our immersive writing workshops designed to tap into your creativity and refine your writing skills. Whether you’re a published author or an experienced writer looking to hone your craft, our monthly workshops offer a structured journey through the world of storytelling. Each session builds upon the last, creating a seamless progression that will help you become a more proficient and confident writer. Explore the 12 unique writing topics we’ll cover throughout the year, starting in January 2024.

Registration begins December 1, 2023. Each workshop has only 10 seats available. 

$149 for Winn Publications authors (past and present), $249 for any and all writers and authors. 

Our Schedule

January – Foundations of Storytelling (Beginner): Dive into the basics of storytelling, covering plot structure, character development, and setting the stage for your writing journey.

February – Crafting Compelling Characters (Beginner/Intermediate): Learn how to create well-rounded characters with depth, motivations, and flaws that resonate with your readers.

March – Plot Development and Conflict (Intermediate): Explore advanced plot techniques, including conflict escalation and subplots, to keep your readers engaged.

April – Mastering Dialogue (Intermediate): Improve your dialogue-writing skills, ensuring your characters’ conversations feel natural and serve the story.

May – World-Building and Setting (Intermediate/Advanced): Develop rich and immersive story worlds, from historical settings to fantastical realms.

June – Editing and Revision (Intermediate/Advanced): Discover strategies for self-editing and revising your work, with a focus on clarity and style.

July – Genre Exploration (Advanced): Delve into different literary genres, from mystery to science fiction, and learn to write effectively within them.

August – Advanced Characterization Techniques (Advanced): Master the art of character psychology, growth arcs, and antiheroes.

September – Crafting Memorable Endings (Advanced): Study various types of endings and techniques for leaving a lasting impression on your readers.

October – Writing for Publication (Advanced): Prepare your work for publication, covering query letters, submissions, and the publishing industry.

November – Experimental Writing (Advanced): Push the boundaries of your writing with experimental forms and styles.

December – Author Branding and Marketing (Advanced): Learn how to build your author brand, connect with your audience, and market your work effectively.


1. What is the format of the writing workshops?
Answer: Our workshops are interactive and typically run for a duration of 2-3 hours. They combine instruction, discussion, and writing exercises to help you learn and practice various aspects of writing.

2. Who can attend these workshops?
– Answer: Our workshops are open to writers of all levels, from beginners to experienced authors. We welcome anyone with a passion for writing and a desire to improve their skills.

3. How many participants are allowed in each workshop?
– Answer: We limit each workshop to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure a personalized and interactive learning experience.

4. Can I register for multiple workshops at once?
– Answer: Yes, you can register for multiple workshops at once. We offer a variety of topics throughout the year, so you can choose the ones that interest you the most.

5. What is the pricing for the workshops?
– Answer: Workshop pricing varies depending on your membership status with our publishing company. Non-members who are not prior authors with us can register for $249 per workshop, while members who have previously published with us can register for $149 per workshop.

6. How do I become a member and qualify for the discounted rate?
– Answer: To become a member and qualify for the discounted rate, you need to have previously published a book with our publishing company. If you’re eligible, simply select the member pricing option when registering for a workshop.

7. What do I need to bring to the workshop?
– Answer: All you need to bring is your enthusiasm for writing. We recommend bringing a notebook or a device for taking notes during the workshop, but it’s not mandatory.

8. Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my registration?
– Answer: We understand that circumstances may change, but we do not give refunds. If you miss the workshop, you will receive the replay and the handouts that the rest of the group received.

9. Will I receive any materials or resources after the workshop?
– Answer: Yes, participants will receive workshop materials, including the recording of the workshop, presentation slides and any relevant handouts, via email after the workshop concludes.

10. Are these workshops suitable for a specific genre of writing?
– Answer: Our workshops cover a wide range of writing topics and are designed to be beneficial for writers across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and more.

11. Do I need to have any prior writing experience to attend?
– Answer: No prior writing experience is required. Our workshops are structured to accommodate writers of all skill levels, and our instructors provide guidance tailored to individual needs.

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